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I teach communication skills and journalism at a University of applied sciences in the northern part of The Netherlands. I am doing research in the field of collaborative learning in web-based environments and am interested in technology in education; how can we apply it trying to enhance learning? This is part of my Master study Educational Theory I hope to finish by fall 2013.

Digesting #EDCMOOC feedback

Originally posted on Teaching 'E-learning and Digital Cultures':
The dust is settling and we are beginning to get a sense of the overall impressions left by the EDCMOOC experience. We’ve been extremely grateful for the time that participants have taken…

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#edcmooc The end of a Mooc-affair

So..our Mooc ( E-learning & Digital Cultures) has ended. Sigh…it’s been a great experience! It almost feels a little sad. Somehow we grew into kind of a “family”, exchanging opinions, thoughts , ideas and more through various social media and … Lees verder

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#edcmooc Final Artifacts

Well…slowly approaching the end of our E-learning & Digital Cultures Mooc. Our final instruction was to make a digital artifact in which we reflect on the content of the Mooc and the Mooc itself. One of the participant posted a … Lees verder

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#edcmooc Networked learning: on Mooc ‘s, supernodes and tribes.

Due to the internet social networking and networked learning is increasing by the minute. The increase of social networks over the last few years is enormously. This post  gives a nice overview. With the  emergence of Moocs social learning becomes … Lees verder

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#EdcMooc Being human…being fragile.

Dmitry Rogozin, deputy prime minister of Russia and former ambassador to Nato, called for an international initiative to create a warning system for “objects of an alien origin” today when more than 500 people were injured by a meteorite shower. … Lees verder

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# edcmooc “The gates of academia “.

The future of Mooc’s  is yet to be decided and there are some interesting options on how they will evolve. One of them is whether  they will be offering certified diplomas in future. To do so they encounter a few … Lees verder

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#edcmooc Hanging out in the Mooc

In last night’s Hangout of the Mooc  one thing sticks to my mind in particular: some students were eager to know all about the final assignment. Hamish Macleod commented on that and explained that the assignment was kept deliberately vague … Lees verder

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