#edcmooc In the mooc!

IntheMooc  So, here we are…In the Mooc. The Elearning and Digital Cultures Mooc. There are more then 40.000 of us! And we are wandering around kind of exited to be part of it but a bit lost to. There is a class, there are articles to read, there are movies to watch, lots of threads on the forums to reply to and ofcourse there’s social media involved. So I get a “like “on FB from South-Africa, a reply from India , some compliments from Germany and a question from Kenia. And there is a constant flow of tweets with more information, questions  and remarks. So it’s not all that strange to feel a little lost in this huge flow of information and communication.  How to find your way around, how to navigate through this jungle of websites and articles and social media? In order not to get submerged by this flood of information I just go about random and stop whenever something grabs my attention. However, since I’m interested in a lot that leads to a lot of stops.

This is the map showing where all the particpants live. 

My breaks are working on something visual like the picture in top of this page. This time, just me and my computer and some tools give me a sense of calm I really can’t live without. I even made a short animation with a tool from another particpant and uploaded  two of my visuals to Flickr. At the same time it is a good pratice to for our final assesement to: creating a digital artefact. Ha…what  a challenge….can’t wait!

Hence,  I don’t feel like drowning yet, but I might consider an off-line day someday soon. Maybe have a chat with some neighbors. 😉


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  1. bwatwood zegt:

    Thanks for the comment on my blog and enjoyed reading yours. I too am feeling my way through the mass of tweets, FB posts, and course material. I have already opted out of the course discussion board…there are only 47 hours in a day (if I keep running west fast enough). 🙂

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