#edcmooc The end of a Mooc-affair

So..our Mooc ( E-learning & Digital Cultures) has ended. Sigh…it’s been a great experience!

It almost feels a little sad. Somehow we grew into kind of a “family”, exchanging opinions, thoughts , ideas and more through various social media and course pages.

I enjoyed being part of this family and being with so many “relatives” i.e. “birds of a feather”.  zwerm-vogels

Andy Mitchell , one of the participants posted this video via Twitter, a funny but also a bit melancholic “Goodbey”. I posted this comment on Facebook: A suggestion if you are, like me, suffering from mild withdrawal symptoms now the Mooc has ended, is to watch this very relaxing video and repeat, after me: The Mooc is over and that is fine, I will encounter many more valuable events in my life….The Mooc is over and that is fine…I will etc. etc. 😉

The peer reviews

As to the results of my final artefact: I got the highest score, which is a 2! Instead of the 3 mandatory ones I had 10 (!) reviews. (Each participant had to do 3, everything more was voluntarily) Interesting was that 7 out of those were very positive , ranging from : ” ..definitely the greatest artefact ” to “great work” and the opposite 3 ranging from: ” …confusing, unconnected and vague” to “frustratingly similar to the EDCMOOC itself”. Though the latter one concluded the review with: “On the other hand, you clearly put a lot of thought and work into this, and chose interesting links and used the technology in interesting, thoughtful ways. I definitely learned something about sharing knowledge from this.”One reviewer found it confusing because : “ The “web” of links was hard to navigate, and because I had to guess where it starts, I found it hard to find its thesis.” But that was one of the intentions of the artefact: there is no beginning or an end, it is non-linear, like the internet itself. However that is not entirely true, I did “cheat” a little by putting a “welcome-Voki” in it. Peer number 7 expressed it like this: “The artefact focuses on the need to explore and learn more about online and digital learning. The choice and variety of media is fantastic and shows an organized thought map of the author. The artefact does stimulate positive thoughts about the need for connecting pedagogy with technology.”  Although the greatest joy was making the artefact I am pleased with my reviews.


There were several surveys posted on Facebook which I have to look into more closely to summarize some of the findings. I will do so and use it for describing “knowledge sharing/co-creation” one of the subjects in my off-line study. I also created a LinkedIn group for “alumni” 😉 of the course, so far around 50 people joined. I hope the positive spirit of the Mooc will continue in groups like that.

The question now is: will I continue my blog in English? I gained some followers during the Mooc and I am pretty sure they do not understand Dutch. Oh well, I will think about some more and decide when preparing my next blog post.

To come back to the “birds of a feather”, I think the Mooc has proven to be a wonderful instrument for “flocking together” and I will watch the future of Moocs with great interest.


Over ilonkahebels

I teach communication skills and journalism at a University of applied sciences in the northern part of The Netherlands. I am doing research in the field of collaborative learning in web-based environments and am interested in technology in education; how can we apply it trying to enhance learning? This is part of my Master study Educational Theory I hope to finish by fall 2013.
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